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5 Ways to do massive marketing without spending more money


In a Big organization, a big amount of money is spent on digital marketing.
But what if the company is in startup age.

In a startup company, a small amount of money also matters.

There are many ways to do a marketing through Facebook, Google and many more.

But today we will see how to do marketing without investment or very less money.


Many people will think it will take more time or it is not suitable but then too its depend on you. If you have time then why not to utilize it.

Every master was once a beginner.
Every pro was once an amateur.

-Robin Sharma

Let’s jump on our list.

1. Instagram

Instagram is a perfect place to make an audience of your product.
I mean there is no investment just create an account on the name of your company and boom. 

Add some photos and mention some famous tag.
Tags are very important in initial days.

Let me explain you now Instagram has a feature to follow hashtags
So suppose you are running a fashion website or some design work.
you can post images along with famous hashtags related to your product
so if someone is following that hashtag they will see your images.

If you want to create a beautiful Image along with text I will recommend you canva

And the good thing about canva that it is free.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a great tool to increase your audience.
Create an account and start posting thing related to your product
At least you can create your brand awareness among some people.

Although the paid promotion is also available on twitter you can start with posting photos and contains without promotion.

3. Facebook Page

As I have said in above to platform on the Facebook page is also a good tool to grow your audience.

I would suggest you should create your account on multiple platforms.
It is only going to help your business in long run.

4. Facebook Group

You can post your product on the Facebook group. 
There are several groups related to every product and some groups have a large number of member. 

Here I will recommend you a Facebook group over WhatsApp because your number may get a block if more people will report your messages as spam.

5. Quora

Take help of Quora answer the question related to your product and give your website link in Quora post. So it will also help to that person and your website traffic will also increase.

All the above methods will definitely increase your website traffic and sales of your product but for this, you have to keep a patience because it will take some time to show the results. 

If you want a quick solution then paid promotions are always there.

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