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How important is education for your child ?


How important is an education for your child? When I was a child I get always a advice to study and study hard. Even my parent told me to study hard. When I ask them why should I study hard. The same reply I always get “If you don’t study you won't

Top 5 Qualities of Best Entrepreneur


Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship is very easy. The above statement is not true.   If I will say entrepreneurship is very easy or it's very difficult job. Are you gonna believe me?   No right. And that's perfectly okay.   So if someone is telling you entrepreneurship is easy or hectic you should not believe in the first place.   Let's do some

How to start blog in 2018


HOW TO START A BLOG Hey! Are you thinking to start a blog?  Let me tell you one thing you are now at a right place. I will guide you step-by-step. Now, First of all, you should decide why you want to create or run a blog. There are mainly two reasons to start

Diet plan weight loss

How To Lose Weight? If you want to lose a weight then you are at right place.So here are 8 tips to lose your weight in right way. 1. Don’t skip meals Believe me, skipping meal will never help you to lose weight,it will only make you starve and you will end