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How do i make my day super productive


Life is too busy with many distractions like mobile, TV and other stuff.

But have you think you can use your mobile to save time (everybody knows it. tell me something new).
so without wasting time lets talk about technique.

1. Plan your weekdays on the weekend:
Rather than wasting the time on a daily basis sit on Sunday and make a plan of whole weekdays.
So, in this case, you won’t miss any of your plan(meetings)

2. Keep a small diary or any app with you:
It is very useful if you keep a diary or some app like Evernote with you so if you remember some plan or any other task related to business or meeting you can write those point at the same time. And another thing is if you open your diary to write something

3. Eat that frog:
Set the priority of your work and accordingly start your day.
without priority, you will waste your more timing by thinking what to do next.

If possible prioritize your task according to a difficulty level.
difficult task first easy task at the end.

4. Don’t multitask:
Do a single task at a time, multitasking is only possible in machine term not in a real word. A person can only think in one direction at a single time. For perfect result, you should concentrate on a single task at a single time.

5. Get up at 5 am:
The 5 am routine is a perfect time to exercise and think about you.
Make a habit to do some exercise in the morning it keeps fit and your brain will work for the whole day.

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