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How important is education for your child ?


How important is an education for your child?

When I was a child I get always a advice to study and study hard.

Even my parent told me to study hard. When I ask them why should I study hard. The same reply I always get “If you don’t study you won’t get any job and you will always face money problem in life”

I will share you one of my personal incidents.

That time I was in 8th grade. I had a very bad habit to hide my scorecard.
One day I was reading one subject suddenly I realize that somehow my dad got my scorecard diary and saw my score.
And after some moment I was being bitten by bamboos and belts.

As I grow up I realize 2 things in my life

  1. Don’t teach your father how to F**c (don’t give advice to your parent)
  2. The study is important because that’s the way I will be safe. (my dad won’t bit me.)

Then I got the job in a decent company with a decent package then I got married and now I m a father of two daughters.

One thing I realize in my fast moving world.
My father was a very good person and a very hardworking with a good knowledge but still, they struggle to pay all bills and rent and the same situation was getting followed by me.

I started thinking about it then I came to the conclusion the advice which I was getting from my parent was wrong.

There is no relation between study and money.

In school, the management doesn’t teach anything about money management and now even worse the school has become business.

Teachers are not bothering about the practical knowledge they only want theoretical concept. The fact is that even teachers are also not trained to teach a student in a modern way.

Teach your child about money management.

Don’t depend on schooling thing. In school, your child will only learn to memorize thing to get good marks. Make your child a little practical about the real world and real problems. Your child should have abilities to fight for himself.

Try to find out his/her hobby.

There are some children who find their hobbies in early age.
but you should also take the responsibility to let him find his hobbies.

Don’t laugh at your child dream he might get demotivate.Try to appreciate little things be his/her friend.

hope this helps to your child.

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