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Start your morning with great enthusiasm.


There is two kind of people in the universe.

  1. Who always find the solution to the problem.
  2. Who always find a problem with every solution.

When you first wake up in the morning you always have a choice
And the choice is endless it depends on you. Don’t believe me lets count together.

Waking 5 am Vs 8 am

Morning exercise vs facebook

Tea vs Coffee

10 minute early to work vs late to work

criticizing vs appreciate

And the list goes on.

Its totally depends on you. How you want to make your days.
Here are some tips which might help you to make your day good and enthusiasm.

    1. Make your all planing in the night before sleep time. So that the goal would be very clear and you will not be fumble about your task.

    2. Wake up early so you will get more time to work do some exercise if you have time.

3. Start your day with some motivational video (youtube).

4. If somehow video is not possible then read some books.
I would recommend a book over video. Video can be little distracting.
You will go finding motivation and will come up with something else.

5. Try to appreciate someone. Give compliment it will make there day good and possibly they will reply you with

some compliment and it will create some confidence in you.

6. Learn something new every day. Bit or big something new is always helpful in your future so invest in your self.

7. Avoid negative people. They will make you feel so small.

So the list is very long and never-ending.
So the purpose is clear now surround yourself with a happy people.

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