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Vodafone, Nokia will bring 4G connectivity to the Moon



4G on Moon

It looks like Vodafone and Nokia are going to a place where no telecom operator has gone before, the Moon.

German new-space firm PTScientists has been planning a mission to the Moon for many years now. It has partnered with Audi to produce and deliver two XPrize-winning quattro rovers to the Moon that will explore both the lunar surface and carefully return to the Apollo 17 landing site in 2019.

Vodafone’s press release notes that its testing has indicated that the base station should be able to broadcast 4G using the 1800MHz. This would then be used to send back live HD video feed of the surface of the Moon.

Meanwhile, many of us still struggle to get 4G network connectivity in certain corners of our rooms…

Hope Jio will not spoil their business on moon.

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